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Our Backyard

There is not a moment of my day that I don’t think of my beautiful mum or feel her presence, the heartbreak of losing her certainly put life in perspective. When she died in April, the Anglesea nursing home had been in lock down for the first time and I was unable able to visit her for a month.

We were new to the restrictions … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard – Anglesea

The Anglesea property market is still abundant with enquiries from buyers wanting to relocate to the coast on a permanent basis.

Whilst the stage 3 covid19 restrictions will slow the number of visitors to our coastline, the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of people is the potential to change their life and future, after lockdown.

Buyers that … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

Today is the commencement of private school holidays & next week the public sector, usually this time of year most of Victoria head away to warmer climates to escape the winter. Given our restrictions with interstate borders, again we see strength in local holiday accommodation.

We have also seen very strong buyer interest for coastal properties, and we are getting very different feedback from the … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

As we head into winter our coastal towns traditionally slip into hibernation, suddenly our seasons have changed. With an easing in restrictions and interstate borders still closed, our phones have been ringing off the hook with holiday bookings with guests wanting an escape. This long weekend plus school holidays coming up at the end of the month and into July is looking very busy.

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Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

 What a stunning day!

It is so lovely to get some sunshine and warmth, which makes it even more appealing to get outside and enjoy some level of exercise. To keep myself balanced, each morning I do a little bush walk and then head to the beach for a walk and meditation. I stop and listen to the crashing waves wash upon the shore and … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

When I made the decision to move to Anglesea over 6 years ago now, it was for several reasons. The main one being to remove myself from a lifestyle so busy, that the focus had shifted from everything that was super important and precious to me. It was time to change my life and appreciate the beauty not only for my environment but also to ensure I had … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

Secondary to our health and family, friends & pets, our home has never been more valued before ever in our lives! As we go into lock down, the spaces we surround ourselves in have become crucial for our well-being. My second week working from home, I’ve experienced more time on my hands to reflect on so many things but none more in my face as my environment…. Continue Reading »

Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

I was
reading one of those posts on Instagram that said, I guess now we will really
work out all those meetings that could be handled by email! So here I am
working from home, as I have a ‘cold’ and literally cant get into a doctor as
they are just too booked out, I was told I should go and stand in the que at
Barwon Health in Corio to be tested … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

About this
time every year I take a quick break after a long and busy summer, just to sit
and relax and heal a little. I had booked to go to Byron Bay for some sunshine
and warmth, I always just need to be close to the ocean, so if its not local
coastal its either international or interstate. I had no choice but to move my
flights and trip because of the … Continue Reading »

Our Backyard Anglesea & Torquay

We often
get questioned in real estate about specific dealings in negotiations and
transactions, questions about what is legally, ethically and morally right and
wrong. The simple answer is that there are clear guidelines we are required to
follow, we learn these in order to receive our accreditation, initially ‘agents
representative certificate’ and then after years of actual experience in the industry,
the next higher level which is ‘licensed estate agent’. The latter is … Continue Reading »