Our Property Management Advantage


“Property Manager” is a title which should only be given to someone who is focused on managing your asset, not just your property. Property management is a serious and complex discipline – it goes well beyond witnessing the signature on a lease and collecting the rent each week. So choosing the right property manager is not as simple as selecting the agency with the cheapest fees.

To select a great property manager you need to identify someone:

  • who knows the law and is confident in applying it
  • who will pay attention to the finer details
  • who continually strives to maximise the return on your investment.

Education, ongoing training programs and seminars are critical for great property managers to keep abreast of changing legislation and market conditions. Property management is a comprehensive management service that demands a fully-trained, expert professional.

Our property management team is experienced in all facets of property management and our continual training culture ensures that you are receiving the very GREATEST service available.

Our promise is to care for your property as though it is our own.


At Great Ocean Road Real Estate we pride ourselves on our extensive and up-to-date tenant database.

With each rental listing, before any advertising is run, we cross-match all our potential tenants with the new property. The exposure is not confined to the office servicing you, but extends to all five offices in our enterprise.

Prospective tenants are qualified as suitable by careful checking of employment history, and past real estate and personal references.

We’re very fussy and hard-to-please when it comes to selecting tenants. Only those prospective tenants who hold real estate references or bona fide private landlord references are ever recommended to our clients.


Our philosophy is that great tenants are our business, too! Without tenants you don’t receive rent and we don’t earn commission.

Today there is increased competition to attract quality tenants … they are more sophisticated and more accustomed to better things, to improved standards of housing and living conditions. And they have more money to spend.

For this reason it is more important than ever to value, respect and care for our tenants’ needs. We don’t treat tenants as outsiders; they are a vital part of our business. We understand that we depend on them, rather than them depending on us. They deserve our immediate attention to their requests and to always be greeted courteously and professionally.

We strive to give tenants a great Great Ocean Road Real Estate experience, too.