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I was just on the phone to my lovely friend in England who I’m popping over to see soon and she was telling me about the ‘heat wave’ they are experiencing at the moment. The hottest July day on record! 37 degrees and it made me realise, in a way I love this month because for us we have our sights set on Spring and have all that joy just around the corner. Apart from the light I’m missing with it being dark at 7am and then at 5.30pm this winter is not too hard to handle.  We turn up the heating and put on an extra jumper, imagine having to shovel snow, pipes freezing over, trapped in our house and unable to drive anywhere. I’m definitely a person that suffers from light deprivation as it just gives us more options to exercise and enjoy this environment we live in.

We have had so many bookings for summer accommodation that we are very quickly running out of availability for our peak times. It seems that we all love having our holidays locked in so that we have something to look forward to but more than enjoying the sunshine it’s about sharing time with the special people we have in our lives.  As our schedules get busier the prominence of time out becomes more important, this space allows us to reflect and be grateful for the moments that mean so much.

This morning watching the news and the shock of the Adelaide Crows Coach life taken in such awful circumstances, will have an impact on all & our thoughts are with his family. We also have friends and colleagues going through tough times with their own grief at the moment. Life is precious, a gift and each day should start with a smile for being here and being healthy.

I’ve been chatting to our vendors and buyers that come into our office, each one of them gave me a laugh and great conversation this week. How great it is to see the silver lining and not sweat the small stuff. Even if the sun is not shining it can in our hearts and minds.

Given what’s happening in Greece and the effect on the stock market there has never been a better time to pull your money out of shares and invest in the gold we have right here on our shore. A great opportunity to buy property in this magnificent country we live in. Demand is still very strong with buyers and quality properties. Whilst I’m about to head overseas, it’s purely for friendship and to take time to reflect   recharge. In a way before I’ve even left, I already know it’s going to be lovely to head home – to paradise.

This weekend I’m happy to see that buyers are taking us up on our recommendation and booking in private inspections to view homes. All you have to do is give us some notice and we will select the stock in your price range and show you one after the other, a positive use of time and a great way of understanding what you can purchase with your budget.

Have a great week, Happy Holidays – see you at the open for inspections or if you want to get out of the cold, pop into the office and come and have a cuppa and chat with us!


335 Elkington Road, Bellbrae – at Auction Saturday 27th June


5 Fourth Avenue 1:00pm-1:30pm


57 Fraser Avenue 12:30pm-1:00pm

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